Crowd Control Barricades


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Crowd Control Barricade FAQ’s

Which is better, 6ft barriers or 8ft barriers?

Our 8ft crowd control barriers are by far more popular than the 6ft barriers.  The extra length just makes them more economical. However, some organizations like the 6ft steel barriers because of the carrying handle that doubles as a surface for a decal.  They are also a bit more portable so if you need to setup a crowd control barricade and tear it down frequently you may want to think about the 6ft option.

What is a hot dipped galvanized barrier?

The galvanization process helps protect barriers from weathering.  Typically barriers are either plated or dipped.  Plated is on the outside of the barrier and leaves the inside steel vulnerable to weathering.  Plated steel barriers will rapidly rust from the inside out and not last very long.  Hot dipped, as the name implies, is when the entire barrier is dipped into a bath of zinc and both the inside and outside surface of the barrier is protected.  regardless of who you purchase your crowd control barricade from, make sure they are hot dipped galvanized.

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